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Heritage Open Days


Every year, a major event takes place around the country where interesting buildings and events are opened to the public. The East Midlands Preservation Group provides free vintage bus services serving places of interest in the town of Northampton. We support the event if we are available; this year we were only able to do so on the Saturday.

RT1784 in Upper Derngate, Northampton
Here we see RT1784 laying over in Upper Derngate, with Arthur Michell standing in front of his lovely ex-Safeway Bedford OB.
Photo: John Hinson

RT1784 stands in Sheep Street outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcre, one of only four round churches in the UK. Emphasis was of course on locally operated buses and three Northampton Corporation Daimlers were operating (pictures to follow) but the presence of a London bus in Northampton caused a remarkable amount of of nostalgic interest.
Photo: John Hinson