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Where we've been

Self Preservation Society

Hemel Hempstead
Running Day


Once again RT1784 was active at the Hemel Hempstead Running Day (as it should be - it worked there in 1963) but we were not to experience to pleasant weather of 2006. Instead, it rained for a good bit of the day but this did not seem to dampen the interest of visiting enthusiasts.

RT1784 at Aylesbury
The blinds are being reset after arrival at Aylesbury on the long run from Hemel Hempstead down the old A41.
Photo: John Hinson
RT604 head a line-up at Apsley Mills
A gaggle of buses at Apsley Mills - a recreation of the lunchtime services at the now long-gone paper mills. RT1784 is third in line and is bound for Leverstock Green by a different route to RT604 at the front - and we got there first!
Photo: John Hinson


RT1784 at Leverstock Green
Beneath stormy clouds, RT1784 makes a further visit to Leverstock Green, passing through on route 347 from Watford.
Photo: Stuart Johnson
RF486 and RT1784 at Berkhamsted
Last run of the day took us to Berkhamsted. Our short run of about twenty minutes contrasted with that of RF486 which was taking the "scenic" route although we were both heading for the same place.
Photo: John Hinson