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Where we've been

Self Preservation Society

St Albans
Running Day


Whilst this event was primarily billed as a London Country event, there were a few vehicles kicking around that stretched the definition a bit - including our RF280. Alas, after taking one photograph my camera battery went flat, so I am very grateful to the other photographers for their permission to use their pictures here.

RF280 at Radlett on route 355
During the day we reached Radlett by three different routes. Here RF280 lays over at Radlett station for the first time, having worked in via route 355. The white van, which had been irregularly parked on the auxiliary bus had the cheek to hoot at us to move to get out of his way!
Photo: John Hinson
RF280 and RF 633 at St Albans
Here, RF280 pulls around RF633 on its way to the pick-up stand at St Albans, before setting off for Radlett once again.
Photo: Peter Osborn

This beautiful evening shot shows our RF at the end of the day, waiting to head home. A GS is visible in the distance.
Photo: Mark Burstow