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Amersham Running Day


Often called the "Amersham Raining Day", this event has been blessed with reasonable weather of late - but not this time. There were showers on and off all day, but these descended into heavy thunderstorms by late afternoon, although this didn't dampen the enthusiasm to ride on the services being offered!

Buckland Common
On its first run of the day, RF433 stands at the Buckland Common terminus of route 348. This bus also worked the last journey on this route, by which time the area was so flooded that passengers were unable to alight here!
Photo: John Hinson
Great Missenden
RF433 waits time at Great Missenden, inbound to Amersham on the meandering circular route 394. RF406 has pulled up behind on a short working.
Photo: John Hinson
RF453 and its crew take a break for lunch after working into Amersham on route 305 from Beaconsfield.
Photo: John Hinson
Ley Hill
A run on the short Route 316 finds RF453 on the stand at The Crown, Ley Hill.
Photo: John Hinson