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Self Preservation Society

Heritage Open Weekend
at Northampton


Throughout the UK and in parts of Europe, this weekend saw many old buildings and other features of historical interest open to the public. On the Saturday, our RF280 participated in free vintage bus routes in Northampton serving the places open to the public.

Quinton House School
RF280 waits in the grounds of Quinton House School, Upton, while the passengers visit St Michael's church, a small Norman church no longer in regular use.
Photo: John Hinson
RF 280 at Gayton
Late in the day, RF280 awaits a party from a canal trip at the peaceful village of Gayton - which is at the junction of the Northampton Arm from the main Grand Union Canal. The village is only accessible by negotiating a single-track road with three humped-back bridges!
Photo: John Hinson