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Running Day


This event celebrated 35 years since the withdrawal of conductor-operated single-deckers by London Transport, and our RF433 was one of the vehicles in service on Route 236 on that very last day in April 1971.

Although an excellent event, we felt it a little sad that there was such a choice of interesting vehicles to ride on that most visitors to the event didn't appreciate the significance of the day.

RF453 and RF433 at Dalston
RF453 and RF433 pause together near the now non-existent Dalston garage whilst working route 236.
Photo: John Hinson
Leyton garage
Our two RFs take a breather inside their old home of Leyton garage whilst the owners take a lunch-break.
Photo: John Hinson
Lunch in the staff canteen
The highlight of the day - sausage, egg, beans and chips in the staff canteen at Leyton garage.
Photo: Mike Scott