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AEC vehicle rally


A rally was hastily organised in June 1988 to take place at the disused AEC factory in Southall prior to its impending demolition.

RF433, RT1784 and AEC lorry Q798NPP pose inside the works
RF453, RT1784 and Q798NPP pose inside the works complex. We chose to take RF453 as we collected it from here in 1985 when we purchased it from London Buses. The lorry had a special significance too - in its previous ownership it had gained the name "Iron Bridge" after the famous bridge on the Uxbridge Road nearby that carried advertising for AEC.
Photo: John Hinson
Q798NPP inside the works
Vehicles were allowed to enter one of the factory buildings at various times during the day - here we see our AEC recovery truck Q798NPP (later to become PWR961) inside.
Photo: photographer unknown
Lines of vehicles on the factory site at Southall
There was a huge range of vehicles displayed at the event.
Photo: John Hinson