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Rail 150 Celebrations


A circular free bus service was operated around the Woking area, serving various locations specially opened to the public in connection with this railway event. Demand was huge, and some modern commercially-operated vehicles had to be hired in at the last minute to supplement the dozen or so preserved vehicles.

RF433 and RF453 await business on Saturday morning.
When we arrived on Saturday morning, we were initially told to park up as spare vehicles. Stuart Johnson, Gill Hinson, Andy Wylie and John Hinson represent four of the six crew members. Within no time we were being called up for service and remained so for the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday. It is interesting to ponder that about seven hours continuous service on two successive days was probably the hardest the buses had ever worked in their lives, and both performed flawlessly.
Photo: By one of our crew!
RF433 at Woking
Somehow I don't think the demands of this queue would be completely satiated by RF433, but there is always another one behind when you are on a circular service.
Photo: John Hinson
GS67 and A&D 503 at Woking
Other vehicles on the service ranged from small to large, old to modern. Ex-London GS67 in Tillingbourne Valley colours passes Aldershot & District Dennis Loline 503 in Woking.
Photo: John Hinson